Writing projects

Words, words and more words!

Kimberly Palmer spends many of her days constructing marketing copy, but she has also turned her pen (ok, her keyboard!) to some non-business writing. She’s had one book published, is working on a second and also contributes to several blogs (like Journal – her own blogs are zerobudgetmarketing.com and dailyinkling.com.

Kimberly published her first book in December 2008, which was produced in collaboration with designer and illustrator, Caitlin Zeigler. The book “Don’t Drink & Dial – and other secrets of female friendship” was published by Penguin under the Viking Imprint. It sold a respectable 5,000 copies (which actually makes it a best-seller for a non-fiction book!).

Caitlin and Kimberly are currently collaborating on a second book –Spark! – an idea generation tome, packed with many hints, tips and little exercises to help a “creative worker” come up with ideas on demand. So stay posted – or feel free to send your idea generating tips to Kimberlyp (AT) Brazen (DOT) com (DOT) au.


Kimberly contributes to the site AskBronny.com as the Buxom Babes Blogger. Visit the blog>

Kimberly also blogs for client ShopNewYork.com.au on the Shoe of the Day Blog. Visit the blog>

Finally, Kimberly authors her own Zero Budget Marketing Blog. Visit the blog>