I am an entrepreneur at heart. I’m continually “plotting” my next great business idea. Of course, I ‘plot’ a lot more than see that light of day! Currently I’m percolating on an online service to assist unpublished authors gain exposure for their eBook, a fashion label for well endowed girls and an online shoe store dedicated to wedges for brides being married outdoors!

My other passions are:

  • Reading – anything and everything that excites me. I’m the annoying person at a book club that keeps saying of selections “oh, I’ve read that.”
  • Making video – I’ve got a new Zi8 camera and a MacBook and I’ve become somewhat obsessed with the potential for online video. Watch this space.
  • Travel – Bizarrely, I hate to fly, but love to travel. Last year I got to explore Mexico, the year before Vietnam. 2011 I’m getting married, so travel funds have become wedding funds! Looking forward to the wedding…but still planning a trip in 2012…
  • My clients – I don’t like to work on things that don’t excite me. If I work with a business, I’m passionate about their success.