Melbourne Events – Management, Marketing and Sponsorship

Brazen’s specialty is running successful business events, whether for 20 people or 1000 people.

We make the Brazen claim that we KNOW how to make events work – how to develop a concept that works, how to promote the event effectively, where to hold it, how to make it stand out in a crowded market, how to make it meet objectives and even how to attract sponsors or partners.

How do we know all this?

– We developed, promoted and ran two of our own event series for eight years,and three years respectively  running over 40 events for 4000 people in the past two years alone.

– We have worked providing marketing and event services for more than 30 businesses, across a broad variety of industry segments, in the past ten years, both in Australia and internationally.

– We understand the demands of running a profitable business in an ever changing environment.

To discuss your event management requirements, call us today on 0403 937 347.

Some past and current events clients include Professional eBay Sellers Alliance, Parks Victoria, Monash University, Victorian Transport Association, City of Port Phillip, Wesley College and IBM.

Event Services Provided:

– Event series conception

– Market research

– Theming

– AV sourcing & liaison

– Venue sourcing & liaison

– Talent sourcing & liaison

– Sponsorship strategy & soucing

– Event production

– Event bookings & ticketing

– Event marketing & promotion

– Secretariat services

We have expertise in:

– launches
– sales & business seminars
– client seminars
– fundraising events
– business conferences
– networking events
– event series